Washington, DC Home Renovation $132,000 NET Proceeds Increase!

Check out this case study of a Washington DC Home Renovation. The results on this full gut renovation were incredible. We hope you find this case study helpful! Let us know what you think about this Washington, DC Home Renovation…

This Washington, DC home was an inherited property and our clients needed money for their retirement. So a renovation with MaxHousePrice made sense.

These homeowners hadn’t done any major updates or renovations, but they definitely wanted top dollar. Their wonderful real estate agent, Antionette Quick, knew exactly who to call…..MaxHousePrice!

As we see in many situations, home renovations made complete sense to help this homeowner to NET MORE at the sale! This particular DC home needed a top-to-bottom renovation in order to get top dollar. It needed “the works” and didn’t even have central air before we began work there….certainly an important selling feature.

For this Washington, DC Home Renovation, a renovation of $190,000 made the most sense to get that top dollar mark….AND IT DID!


Essentially a full gut of the entire home!
New HVAC (none existed prior- boiler system)
Brand new kitchen
New bathrooms
New roof for the home
All necessary permits were pulled for all the work!

Ultimately these renovations led this client to sell their home with their wonderful real estate agent for ABOVE the list price of $735,000! The high-quality finished product and their wonderful agent, the homeowners sold this home for $772,000. To give some great perspective, the as-is price of this home was $450,000!


As-is Price: $450,000

Renovation (paid by MHP): $190,000

List Price: $735,000

Sold Price: $772,000

Sellers NETTED an Additional $132,000!!!

One of the questions we get asked most often is, how do we decide what type of scope makes the most sense?

Whether it’s a large-scale renovation or light cosmetic refresh, the team at MHP has the knowledge and expertise to help you net more at sale.

Sometimes it’s medium, or, sometimes, larger renovations that make the most sense to help a client NET MORE MONEY at sale. For this Washington, DC home, a large-scale renovation of $190,000 made the most sense.

Whenever we walk a home where renovations are being considered, we always make sure to talk through everything thoroughly. We also assist with finding areas within the scope of work to save money. We can help by recommending areas where it might make more sense to re-do particular rooms/areas of the home due to the return on investment. It is definitely an individualized process that is very personalized given each home and each individual client.

Check out our “Renovation Knowledge Library,” with a wealth of information to guide you on your renovation project!